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International Estate Plans

international estate planning attorneys
In today’s evolving world, people are traveling and transacting business across international boundaries, more than ever. As a result, individuals need sophisticated legal guidance and tax planning, and Gevurtz Menashe can help.

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international estate planning attorneys

Our estate planning attorneys view a client’s specific circumstances from a multi-jurisdictional perspective. We regularly work with U.S. clients who have assets and beneficiaries worldwide, as well as with non-U.S. citizens with U.S. affairs. Give us a call at (503) 227-1515 to set up an appointment with an attorney and begin structuring your estate with consideration for your international holdings.

International estate Estate Planning

Some foreign countries recognize wills executed in other countries, and others have specific requirements about how wills must be prepared and executed in order to be valid. Further, foreign countries vary with respect to how property is transferred upon death. For example, in Oregon, if a parcel of real property is owned by two spouses, upon the death of one spouse, the property will generally automatically transfer to the surviving spouse. This may not be the case in other jurisdictions. An attorney can help recognize the actual implications and help you structure your assets so that all of your property, no matter where located, passes in accordance with your intended plan.

International Tax Law & Planning

When an estate involves international holdings, a multitude of tax issues may arise. For example, if a client's asset pool includes equity holdings in foreign companies, it may be difficult to determine the exact value of those assets, as there are different public reporting standards overseas. Another special consideration is the estate tax. If multiple countries are involved, the estate tax laws of each jurisdiction need to be considered individually.

In order to protect assets from double taxation or other costly consequences, attorneys can structure assets in a way to lower the estate’s tax liability.

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