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Looking to Change Your Divorce Decree?

Helping you Maximize Your Chances for a Successful Appeal

Divorces are complicated and sometimes the trial is less than satisfactory. You may want to contest the judge’s ruling. An appeal may be filed to help ensure a correct and fair result.

If you want an amended divorce decree, Gevurtz Menashe can help. We’ve been representing and counseling clients at all stages of the appellate process for over 40 years. With us on your side, your chances of winning a divorce appeal — and getting the divorce terms you want — go up. 


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We’re Here To Make the Appeals Process Easy

The appeals process is complex and requires the expertise of an experienced family law appeals attorney. Your Gevurtz Menashe appellate lawyer will guide you through the various steps and requirements.

Understanding the Divorce-Related Appeals Process

  • Step 1. Determining if there's a valid basis for an appeal 
  • Step 2. Filing a notice of appeal that states one's intent to appeal the judgment with the appellate court
  • Step 3. Preparing an appellate brief to present the legal issues and arguments to the court
  • Step 4. Getting the court’s ruling

Appealing a Court Order

Every case is unique and should be discussed with a qualified appellate lawyer to determine the best strategy for success. Additionally, there are usually strict time windows during which an appeal can be filed. Your attorney will provide specific details for your jurisdiction.

Your divorce appeals lawyer will draft a legal brief that lays out the arguments for your appeal. Overturning a trial court order on appeal is difficult — but with enough evidence and a knowledgeable attorney, it’s possible to do so in some circumstances.

You Deserve an Attorney Specializing in Divorce Appeals

Gevurtz Menashe appellate attorneys have so much to offer you!


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about GM. I worked closely with Shawn and Tiffany during my time as a client. Their knowledge, compassion, guidance and support was nothing short of exemplary. Their confidence and unwavering dedication to helping my children and me is something I am so grateful for. Every email and meeting was executed with thoughtful consideration of my individual situation. They proved to have a comprehensive understanding of potential interstate complications, and navigated them seamlessly. Each person from reception, to assistant, to attorney showed unparalleled professionalism. I left every meeting feeling empowered. Their dedication to me as a client did not end when my divorce/custody case was concluded. I was referred to Stephan who helped me in the next phase which was to reconstruct on a financial level- establishing trusts, directives, sale of properties, titles etc. I can say with certainty that having GM in my corner was the best decision I could’ve made.”
-Carlin Davis



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Having practiced more than 40 years, the Gevurtz Menashe legal team has family law, divorce, and estate planning experience you deserve. If you want a divorce modification, schedule a consultation today by contacting us at our Portland (503-227-1515) or Vancouver (360-823-0410) office.

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