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Probate attorneys in Oregon and Washington
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Probate attorneys in Oregon and Washington

What Is Probate?

​Probate is the legal process in which a court oversees the administration of the estate of a person who has died. An experienced attorney can be vital during this trying time. They can be a voice of objective reason and can provide a full support staff to help ease the legal and logistical matters relating to the case.

What Does An Executor Do?

Where do you turn if your loved one has died and you’ve suddenly become responsible for administering his or her estate?

The personal representative (also called the executor) has many responsibilities. First, the executor will need to obtain the death certificate and the decedent’s Will, if he or she had one. The executor will need to notify the interested parties, including the individuals or entities entitled to receive assets from the estate, the deceased person’s closest relative, and any creditors of the estate.

How Does It Work?

Next, the executor will need to collect and safeguard the estate’s assets. All of the estate's assets must be inventoried and appraised to reflect each asset’s market value as of the decedent’s date of death. Formal appraisals may be needed in order to establish this date of death value. Some assets such as those owned by living trusts, retirement accounts, joint-tenancy properties, or life insurance policies may not need to be subject to probate.

The executor will also need to investigate what, if any, debt the estate has. If there are any debts, the executor will need to ensure they are legitimate debts and, if so, work to pay these debts using estate assets. Included in this process is ensuring the decedent’s final income taxes are filed and any related tax is paid as well.

Need a Probate Lawyer?

Estate planning attorneys at Gevurtz Menashe are experienced with the administration of even the most complex estates. Our attorneys can guide you through the probate process and help with any difficult matters that may arise. Call our Portland office at 503-227-1515, our Vancouver office at 360-823-0410 or schedule a consultation online.

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