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Grandparent Rights

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Grandparents, an Essential Part of the Family

Grandparents are vital members of any family — maybe even more so in times of difficult familial circumstances like divorce or abuse. As such, it’s important for grandparents to know and protect their rights so that they can help ensure the ongoing well-being of their grandchild.

This can be a complex and delicate situation to maneuver through. However, Gevurtz Menashe is here to help. We can make this overwhelming experience a bit easier for you and your family.


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Why Grandparents Need to Be Involved

In certain cases, the state gets involved with the welfare of a child and grandparents can be a tremendous resource when determining and providing for the child’s best interests. Grandparents can offer their grandchild care, comfort, and continuity.

Typically, grandparents may step in when their grandchild is under the responsibility of unfit or unavailable parents. This could be due to concerns that the parents or other custodial caregivers are:
  • Having psychological issues
  • In prison
  • Lacking stable housing
  • Unable to provide for the basic needs (e.g., food) for the child
  • Living in unsafe conditions
  • Struggling with substance use problems
  • Absent

A grandparent’s role as primary caregiver may be permanent or last just until the child can safely return home.

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Grandchild

The bond between grandparents and grandkids is uniquely special and important. Because we really take this to heart, we’re deeply committed to helping you secure access to your grandchild. You can count on Gevurtz Menashe to fight on your behalf for:

  • Visitation rights
  • Award of legal custody
  • Non-parent guardianship
  • Ensuring proper child custody arrangements

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