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Regardless of marital status, parents have certain inherent rights and responsibilities. That’s why definitively knowing the biological parentage of a child is so critical. However, it isn’t always a straightforward matter. In circumstances like this, having a talented and tactful paternity attorney is necessary. At Gevurtz Menashe, we’ve been helping families dealing with paternity issues for over 40 years.

Paternity matters can be delicate, emotional, and consequential for all involved. We strive to ensure that everyone’s needs — the children, the parents, other caregivers and concerned parties, and the law — are accounted for so we can achieve optimal results.

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The Basics of Paternity Law

Paternity law is an area of family law that focuses on legal issues and processes related to determining the identity of a child's biological father. The goal of paternity law is to protect the child's best interests and ensure that parental rights and responsibilities are appropriately assigned and enforced.

Legal paternity can be confirmed anytime after a child is born.

Why Retain a Paternity Attorney

A paternity lawyer can provide legal guidance and representation in a variety of situations. Some commonplace reasons include:

  • Establishing paternity and handling paternity disputes
  • Creating child custody, visitation, and child support agreements
  • Reviewing, revising, or revoking parental rights and responsibilities
  • Processing an adoption
  • Mediating other legal matters related to the father-child relationship

Gevurtz Menashe Will Help You Achieve the Best Outcome

All paternity cases hinge on knowing who the biological father of a child is. Your paternity lawyer will explain the finer points of the law that apply in your case and help you devise and implement a plan of action.

Why Establishing Paternity is Important

In legal scenarios, it isn’t good enough to suspect or assume a man is the biological father of a child. Incontrovertible proof is required.

The court wants to make sure it’s assigning the due rights and responsibilities to the correct people. Similarly, it doesn’t want to give parental powers to those who shouldn’t have it. As such, a paternity lawyer can help establish the legal father's identity.

How Paternity is Determined

There are two primary methods used to establish paternity for legal purposes. Briefly, these are:
  1. Voluntary acknowledgment. Both parents agree on the father's identity and sign an acknowledgment of paternity form.
  2. Genetic testing. A DNA test is done and biological markers are used to verify who the father is.

We Can Help You Defend Against Paternity Action

If you’re facing a paternity action and don’t believe you’re the child's father, a paternity lawyer is going to be one of your strongest allies. He or she will assist you in taking appropriate steps to fight the claim, such as:
  • Request a genetic test
  • Gather evidence
  • Submit a formal response
  • Attend court hearings

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With over 40 years in family law, we’re a premier paternity law firm. Our expertise and experience has earned us a legacy of success and a stellar reputation. Now, we’re applying all that to your case.

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Our approach can only be described as thorough and encompassing. For you, this means less stress and better outcomes. We help you handle all the details for a smoother overall experience.

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In situations like this, it can feel like you’re being singled out. However, with us, you’re never going it alone. We pride ourselves in providing attentive, compassionate service and support from Day 1.


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“I highly recommend the Gevurtz Menashe team and specifically Shawn Menashe. While nobody wants to divorce, Shawn and his team followed my desire to stay out of court and coached me in helpful ways to create a fair settlement that worked for me and for my now ex-spouse. He told me up front how much it would cost and it came in under that estimate. When appropriate, he handed me off to another highly capable member of the team for certain pieces of the process. Shawn and team made a very difficult and stressful life situation manageable and I'm grateful.”
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