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Families exist in many forms and are created in a variety of ways. For each, parenthood can bring unique rights and responsibilities — especially when it comes to step-parenting or co-parenting.

The legal ins and outs can be a lot to understand and manage. As family law experts with over 40 years’ experience, Gevurtz Menashe’s attorneys simplify and streamline matters affecting many step-parents and co-parents. If you’re looking for a step-parent rights lawyer or a co-parent rights lawyer, we can help you.


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How Gevurtz Menashe Can Help You

Whether you need to gain or assert legal rights of step-parents or get sound co-parenting legal advice, our seasoned team is here for you. We’re able to assist you with a full range of step- and co-parent rights issues. Here are some of the most common non-biological parents rights cases we address.

Adoption & Legal Guardianship

A non-biological parent can petition to legally adopt or become the guardian of their partner’s child. This is common in cases of marriage when one or both spouses have children from a prior relationship.

As an adoptive parent or legal guardian, you’ll assume certain rights and responsibilities. These may include:

  • Decision-making rights for medical and educational matters
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Financial responsibilities

Estate Planning

Estate planning for the benefit of a child by a non-parent can be complex. It must be handled carefully in order to effectively accomplish your goals. Our estate planning attorneys can help you find appropriate solutions for your needs.

We can work together on key components like:

Child Support, Child Custody & Visitation

When parents’ relationship dissolves, having a plan in place for the continued care of the family’s children is paramount. Co- and step-parent custody rights and support obligations need to be factored in.

As a step- or co-parent, you may also be required to pay child support. While this responsibility is usually limited to adoptive parents and legal guardians, the court can mandate that step-parents or co-parents with other legal status provide child support. Your family law attorney can explain all the finer points of the law and facilitate any actions that need to be taken.

Why We’re the #1 Choice for Step-Parent Rights

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“I recently completed a somewhat challenging divorce process and cannot possibly say enough about the quality and personal care I received at Gevurtz Menashe! I began my time with the firm working with Zachary Fruchtengarten and immediately knew I was working with a firm that would give me solid representation. Zach recognized that my needs could be met by another lawyer in the office and transferred my case to Shannon Hall. I truly was handled with care and complete thorough professionalism, while at the same time both Zach and Shannon recognized that the process was overwhelming and emotional for me.

If you’re looking for competency and thorough and professional representation-look no further. Shannon completed my case with mediation to follow my wishes of staying out of court. She more than met all my needs, as well as basically being an emotional support throughout the process. So thankful for this firm."
-Cindy McWilliams



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Step-parents and co-parents have distinct legal and financial rights and responsibilities. With our many decades of providing family law and estate planning services, we’re well-positioned to help with your specific needs. Simply call our Portland (503-227-1515) or Vancouver (360-823-0410) office or submit the form on the contact page to schedule a consultation.