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Appeals Law in Oregon
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Appeals Law in Oregon

Understanding the Process

Most legal actions, including those for dissolution of marriage, are finished once a judge has signed the final written judgment. In regards to this family law action, either party or sometimes both parties may want to contest the verdict.

The judge's decision might not be satisfactory to one or both parties for a variety of reasons, including procedural irregularities as well as unhappiness with the outcome. An appeal may be filed to help ensure the outcome is correct and fair.

How to Appeal a Court Order

A court order is appealed by first filing a notice of appeal that states one's intent to appeal the judgment. There is a strict window of time in which to file the appeal. Your attorney will have specific details for your jurisdiction. Then, a legal brief must be written that details the arguments for the appeal. It is hard to overturn a trial court order on appeal, but with enough evidence and a knowledgeable attorney, it is possible in some circumstances to do so.

Hiring an Appeals Attorney

Gevurtz Menashe appellate attorneys can help your trial lawyer during the early stages of your case, serving as back-up protection should a judgment go against you. Also, our experienced attorneys can provide fresh, informative insight and careful attention to detail to maximize the chances for a successful appeal. To review some of our work at the appellate level, check out our featured cases HERE.

Gevurtz Menashe Attorneys Can Help

Gevurtz Menashe is a family law firm with years of experience successfully arguing appeals for our clients. To learn more, check out our featured cases here. As a team, we have a deep knowledge of all aspects of family law and estate planning. If you’re interested in speaking with an attorney about your appeals case, contact our Portland office at 503-227-1515, our Vancouver office at 360-823-0410, or schedule a consultation online.

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