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In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Sperm and Egg Donation

Taking the Guesswork Out of ART

On top of being an extremely emotional time, pursuing assisted reproduction can be complex and confusing from a legal perspective. Having attorneys who are up to speed on relevant laws and issues will save you headaches and heartaches.

Gevurtz Menashe has been practicing in the family law space for decades. As such, we understand the legal details and nuances involved in assisted reproduction. 
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Helping You Navigate The Legal Assisted Reproduction Process With Ease

ART refers to a number of medical procedures that are used to not only deal with fertility challenges but also provide alternative mechanisms for growing your family. Several different assistive methods are available, with the following being among the most common:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF involves specialized medical tools and techniques to extract and fertilize eggs and then implant the fertilized egg into the uterus of the biological mother or a surrogate.

Egg Donation

Egg donation is when eggs are extracted from one woman and given to another woman. Some women go through a similar egg retrieval process but keep the eggs for their own use with IVF treatments.

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is the collection of a man’s semen for use in artificial insemination (as with IVF) or other fertility treatments.

Reasons to Consider ART

Wanting to become a parent is one of the most fundamental and natural parts of the human experience. 

When conceiving or carrying a baby to term are not part of life’s plan, many would-be parents turn to science and medicine — and assisted reproductive technology — for help. Many people consider ART because they:
  • Can't have children on their own due to infertility, age, or other health issues
  • Want to participate in the pregnancy and delivery experience 
  • Are in a same-sex couple
  • Are single
  • Feel it’s a better option for them than adoption
  • Desire children but don’t want to be pregnant or go through childbirth
  • Have a genetic or other health condition they do not want to pass to their children

Gevurtz Menashe, Getting You Better ART Law Outcomes

We’ve been helping families like yours with their family law needs for upwards of 40 years. This means you get the accumulated benefit of all that past client work — which is a valuable asset for your case.

By hiring Gevurtz Menashe, you’ll:
  • Ride the coattails of our history of success and results
  • Work with attorneys who are knowledgeable in regional fertility laws, precedents, and concerns
  • Get comprehensive, end-to-end support from our team from Day 1 onward
  • Gain access to countless of resources and professionals in tangential fields, like counseling, medicine, education, and financial planning
  • Become part of our extended family

Our Experienced Fertility Lawyers

You can’t risk engaging a less-than-ideal reproductive lawyer. With Gevurtz Menashe, you get some of Washington’s and Oregon’s top legal minds working on your case. Meet some of the team below.


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Looking for Other Law Services?

While fertility law is a core offering, Gevurtz Menashe has experience in other areas of the law as well. This is incredibly convenient as the process of building out your family will likely necessitate other legal needs.

We can help you with complementary services like:
  • Other family law matters like child support, marriage agreements, and divorce
  • Estate planning such as wills, trusts, and charitable gifting 
  • Collaborative law, which includes collaborative, non-litigation dispute resolution methods

Gevurtz Menashe, When You Need the Best Fertility Law Representation

If you’re looking for a highly-qualified Washington or Oregon assisted reproduction technology lawyer, contact Gevurtz Menashe today to schedule a consultation. It’s the best way to begin the process and edge even closer to expanding your family.

You can reach us in our Portland (503-227-1515) or Vancouver (360-823-0410) office or submit the form below. We’ll contact you shortly to book your appointment. 
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