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When it comes to legal matters, the stakes and standards for minors are different. They require talented, experienced, and compassionate legal counsel working on their behalf. 

The attorneys at Gevurtz Menashe act as lawyers and advocates for children in family law cases in Oregon and Washington. In family law cases, the judge will want to avoid having your child appear in court, as that can be a very stressful and traumatic event. Instead, the court will sometimes appoint an attorney to speak on behalf of the child and advocate for the child’s best interests. Parents may request an attorney for their child, the child may request an attorney, or sometimes a judge will appoint an attorney for a child without one being requested. Whatever the situation, our team can help.

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Why Appoint an Attorney for a Minor?

A child attorney may be appointed for any number of reasons, such as:
  • Protecting the child’s rights when the child testifies as a witness
  • Advocating for a child who’s at the center of a messy custody battle
  • Helping a family reach an agreement regarding the child’s best interests
  • Assisting the court in creating appropriate custody or parenting time arrangements
  • Representing a child in cases of abuse, neglect, or juvenile justice
  • Mediating between a teen in specific instances when a parent is unable or unwilling to hear what the teen has to say

How Is an Attorney for a Child Different Than an Attorney for an Adult?

Lawyers are legal experts and advisors, no matter who — or how old — their clients are. Their obligation is to dutifully represent clients of all ages and work towards optimal outcomes.

However, the practice of law must be approached in different ways for children than for adults. Children aren’t fully developed and don’t have the same rights and autonomy and, therefore, need a seasoned child welfare lawyer to represent them.

Unlike for an adult client, an attorney for a minor child may:
  • Counsel and guide a child client
  • Explain complex legal actions and options in ways a child can grasp
  • Assess and accommodate a child’s ability to comprehend legal matters and participate in the process
  • Advocate on the child's behalf
  • Giving the child a voice in court by expressing the child’s wishes
  • Ensure that the child’s best interests are considered when settlements are worked out
  • Investigate details and possible solutions that serve the child in and outside of court

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“All of my experiences with the entire firm of Gevurtz Menashe was first class. While not a situation I ever expected or anticipated being in, I feel so fortunate to have found their expert help. Shawn was a consummate professional and I felt in good hands from the start. I immediately trusted him and knew he would act in my best interest and conducted himself with integrity and a delightful bedside manner. Nakia was a wonderful communicator and was terrific in getting the work done, setting clear expectations for next steps and I never felt unclear about what was happening. What's more, their professional and friendly demeanor made the experience pleasant and took the sting out of the transaction at hand. I also had a great experience with Kevin in the accounting department - friendly, professional and straightforward. I would highly recommend Gevurtz Menashe to anyone that needs their services. Thank you, Shawn and Nakia!”

-Liz Swaggerty Olsen

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The Gevurtz Menashe team not only has over 40 years of legal expertise, but we also care deeply for children and families. Let our experience in family law, divorce, and estate planning help you or your child get the best possible results, as easily as possible. Contact us at our Portland (503-227-1515) or Vancouver (360-823-0410) office, or fill out the form on the contact page