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Russia President Vladimir Putin and wife announce divorce

This week, the Russian public received news of President Vladimir Putin's divorce. According to TIME and The Associated Press, the scripted statement, which Putin made alongside his former wife Lyudmila of 30 years, was broadcast on the Kremlin’s mouthpiece television channel, Rossiya 24. The public announcement was made to a lone reporter who acted as though she just happened to catch them walking out of a performance of the ballet Esmeralda at the Kremlin’s private theater. The reporter rattled off a few questions about recent speculations in the media, “you show up in public so rarely, and there are rumors that you don’t live together. Is that true or not?” The couple exchanged a knowing glance before Putin stated. “Well, it is so.”

The recent events between President Putin and his wife continue to prove that the dissolution of marriage is a fact no matter what country or societal status... and will continue to shape today's modern families. Here in Portland and Vancouver, Gevurtz Menashe has an exclusive emphasis on family law with key experts who can provide legal advice for any family and situation. Are you currently searching for a great Family Law attorney? Meet our all-star attorney line-up here.
Photo Source: NBC News