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Welcome Back Marshal Spector!

Welcome Back Marshal!

Question: How did you get into family law?

Answer: I moved to Oregon in 1990 after practicing law on the east coast for a few years. I was introduced to many lawyers around town, and had lunch with Ron Gevurtz and Albert Menashe. Albert liked my tie and hired me.

Question: What's the best part about being a family law lawyer?

Answer: The best part of being a family law lawyer is being able to combine my skills, experience and personality in helping clients through a difficult time in their lives. I believe that being a good family law lawyer combines technical proficiency, common sense, and caring about people.

Question: What's the worst part?

Answer: The worst part of being a family law lawyer is that I can't change facts and can't change the past – I am challenged to help my clients with difficult situations as they exist. Also, we can't change people (i.e., my client, the other party, or their attorney) and can only do our best to work in a productive manner toward resolution..

Question: What do you bring to Gevurtz Menashe?

Answer: I learned to practice family law at Gevurtz Menashe beginning in 1990. I "grew up" here and was fortunate to learn how to practice family law "the right way" from Gevurtz Menashe lawyers. I believe in giving back and, after being a family law lawyer for 23 years, I am able to handle all types of divorce cases, complex financial matters, custody disputes, etc. and am dedicated to devoting time to assisting and mentoring other lawyers in the firm. I received a lot of help along the way and believe in giving back.

Question: What does Gevurtz Menashe bring to you??

Answer: Gevurtz Menashe brings me a sense of family and the ability to consult and collaborate with 24 other lawyers as part of the finest family law firm to best assist our clients.

Question: If you could enact, change, or remove any law, what would it be?

Answer: I would try to provide more certainty in the law about the range of spousal support that people would pay or receive.

Question: What's a typical weekend like in the Spector home?

Answer: I have three children, ages 22, 20 and 18 and my wife has 20-year-old twins, so our weekends vary greatly if any (and depending on how many) of them are home from college. When they are here, we spend time with them. When they are not, we enjoy having dinner with friends, going to Blazer games and the theater, exercising together and falling asleep while trying to get through an entire movie at home. My wife and I are both involved in various charitable and community activities, and often attend related events over the weekend.

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