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Legal Name Change

Name change lawyers in Oregon & Washington
People change their names for a variety of reasons. Commonly, upon marriage, one spouse will take the surname of the other spouse. If, later, the marriage is legally dissolved, either spouse may choose to return to a previous name.

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Name change lawyers in Oregon & Washington

When you change your name, you will want to change all of your identification to reflect the new name. Legal documents such as leases, mortgages, and car titles will need to change. Credit cards and gym memberships should also be amended. While many of these things can wait, you can save yourself confusion and hassle by taking care of this business at the time you change your name.

How an attorney can help your legal name change process:
When you decide to change your name, check with a family law attorney who has specific experience in these matters. When the change comes through marriage or divorce, the procedures may be almost automatic. Similarly, the change of name for a minor child may follow from a successful adoption. However, when you initiate a separate legal action to change your name or that of a child, the process involves paperwork, fees, and possibly a court appearance. With proper guidance from one of our attorneys, the change can be made relatively smoothly and easily.

An experienced lawyer can help you to prepare the papers properly. He or she can also help you foresee and address any difficulties that might arise and overcome them so they don’t slow the process.

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