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Same-Sex Marriage Issues

Same-sex marraige attorneys
As the legal landscape for same-sex couples evolves, the need for experienced legal representation increases. Our attorneys regularly advise same-sex couples on OR and WA partnership, marriage planning, divorce, estate planning, incapacity planning, & tax matters.

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Same-sex marraige attorneys

Same-Sex Marriage Laws In Oregon & Washington

Same-sex marriages and same sex-marriage rights are still a relatively recent development in the United States, and determining the rights of same-sex couples when it comes to divorce and estate planning can be difficult if not handled by experts. The fact that same-sex marriage is now legal in both Oregon and Washington presents unique challenges for couples who previously entered into domestic partnerships or civil unions. Generally, to receive recognition from the IRS and most federal programs, the couple must be legally married. Couples who have only registered as domestic partners still enjoy all rights and responsibilities granted at the state level, but many federal benefits are unavailable.

Same-Sex Marriage Benefits

Marriage offers many benefits over civil unions or domestic partnerships. Some benefits of marriage include insurance benefits, tax benefits on jointly-filed returns, and inheritance rights. All social security benefits, Medicare, and disability benefits can now extend to same-sex partners as well.

For married same-sex couples, adoption and foster care rights are far easier to maneuver than ever before. Additionally, if one winds up in the hospital, the institution must recognize full spousal rights. The list of rights and benefits afforded by marriage to same-sex couples is lengthy and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Do you have a same-sex Marriage Issue? We can help.

Although marriage is legal for all couples, same-sex couples continue to face unique challenges when it comes to their legal and financial affairs. As a firm of attorneys with a long-standing history of working with laws impacting same-sex partnerships, we can help. If you’re interested in learning more about same-sex marriage issues, or to speak with an attorney, please call our Portland office at 503-227-1515 our Vancouver office at 360-823-0410 or schedule a consultation online.

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