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Making Surrogacy Easier

Surrogacy has been on the rise in the US in recent years. However, it’s swaddled in layers of complicated law. It’s no wonder that those interested in this method of family building have many questions and legal needs.

The good news is twofold, though.

First, Washington and Oregon are among the country’s most surrogacy-friendly states. While each has its own regulatory nuances, there are laws and precedents on the books in both states that codify commercial and altruistic surrogacy.

Secondly, handling legal matters related to surrogacy is one of Gevurtz Menashe’s core areas of practice. We can help your family succeed in its surrogacy quest.
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What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction in which a woman is artificially impregnated with the intention of carrying and delivering a baby for someone else. The woman is referred to as the surrogate and the people who will assume parentage of the baby are known as the intended parents.

There are two kinds of surrogacy: traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy involves fertilizing the surrogate’s egg with sperm from a donor father. With gestational surrogacy, an embryo from the biological parents is implanted into the surrogate’s womb. The surrogate then goes through the pregnancy and childbirth on behalf of the intended parents, who will raise the child from birth.

Commercial surrogacy is one in which the surrogate is compensated. Altruistic surrogacies are uncompensated, though the woman’s medical and other costs directly linked to the surrogacy are paid for. 

Why Hire Gevurtz Menashe As Your Surrogacy Lawyer

When you work with us, you’ll get a Washington or Oregon surrogacy lawyer who knows the laws particular to this area and is experienced with cases like yours. Gevurtz Menashe has been practicing family law for over four decades.

For you, this means you can take advantage of:

Meet Our Team

At our law firm, our 40+ years of experience in surrogacy law affords you the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision. When you’re ready to move forward, we can then provide the applicable legal services — whether you’re the surrogate or the intended parents.


Surrogacy Process in Portland & Vancouver

The path to surrogacy has lots of steps and milestones. Each surrogacy will have its own unique facets, but having a summary idea of the process can still be helpful.

The process of surrogacy typically involves two main components: securing a surrogate and dealing with the paperwork.

If you don’t have a surrogate already identified, you can find one through a surrogacy agency or network. Once you have found a potential surrogate, you will need to discuss your plans with them and agree on the terms of the surrogacy arrangement. The contract should include information about the payment of the surrogate's fee, health care expenses for the surrogate, and any other financial arrangements that need to be made.

Assuming both parties meet any applicable eligibility criteria and agree on the contract, the surrogacy can be set in motion. The surrogate will get inseminated/impregnated and fulfill the contractual obligations set forth in the contract. Before the baby is born, the intended parents’ legal team will finalize any necessary documents to ensure the proper transfer of parental rights.

The team at Gevurtz Menashe is ready to help you with the surrogacy law process and answer any questions!
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