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Facing Contempt Proceedings? We Can Help You

Contempt of court in family law proceedings occurs when one of the parties willfully violates a court order or judgment. In family court, contempt is used to enforce orders related to divorce, custody, and support agreements.

Gevurtz Menashe attorneys have years of experience handling both Washington and Oregon family law contempt cases. We can provide the necessary legal guidance to help protect your rights and achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

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We are often able to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients.

By doing so, we're often able to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients. For example, modifying certain types of provisions in divorce cases, resetting payment schedules, adjusting parental visitation plans or a money award from the Court to compensate you for the other party's violations. 

The benefit of a contempt matter, versus other potential forms of relief, is that the Court has wide latitude to create sanctions tailored to remedy the contemptuous behavior.

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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about GM. I worked closely with Shawn and Tiffany during my time as a client. Their knowledge, compassion, guidance and support was nothing short of exemplary. Their confidence and unwavering dedication to helping my children and me is something I am so grateful for. Every email and meeting was executed with thoughtful consideration of my individual situation. They proved to have a comprehensive understanding of potential interstate complications, and navigated them seamlessly. Each person from reception, to assistant, to attorney showed unparalleled professionalism. I left every meeting feeling empowered. Their dedication to me as a client did not end when my divorce/custody case was concluded. I was referred to Stefan who helped me in the next phase which was to reconstruct on a financial level- establishing trusts, directives, sale of properties, titles etc. I can say with certainty that having GM in my corner was the best decision I could’ve made.”

-Carlin Davis


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Gevurtz Menashe is a seasoned legal team with decades' worth of experience in family law, divorce, and estate planning. If you're looking for help with a contempt of court case, contact us today at our Portland (503-227-1515) or Vancouver (360-823-0410) location to schedule a consultation.