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International & Interstate Child Custody

If your child custody case has components outside of the Oregon or Washington borders, Gevurtz Menashe may be able to help!

Our Help Knows No Boundaries

Dealing with family and life changes is tough enough. Add distance and multi-jurisdictional considerations into the mix, though, and it can be next-level overwhelming. This is especially true when children are involved.

With your kids’ welfare on the line, you need to approach any custody agreement with care. Things like schooling, residency, visitation, and healthcare need to be sorted out in ways that accommodate the constraints and opportunities of living in different states or countries.

That’s why having an experienced and knowledgeable legal team on your side is crucial.
When you need an international or interstate child custody lawyer to fight for your and your child’s rights, Gevurtz Menashe is ready to apply our full expertise — more than 40 years’ worth — to your case.


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Helping You Resolve Child Custody Issues with Ease

At Gevurtz Menashe, we offer you a complete range of international and interstate child custody services. These may include:

Child Custody & Support

  • Divorce or separation involving parents who live in different states or countries
  • Relocation of a parent with a child across state or national borders
  • Cases involving interstate or international child abduction

Dispute Resolution & Modifications

  • Conflict between parents over custody and visitation rights across state or national lines
  • Disagreements over the interpretation or enforcement of existing custody agreements or court orders
  • Modifying existing arrangements for custody or support due to changing circumstances, such as relocation

Tax & Estate Planning

  • Planning for instances of incapacity or death
  • Adjusting plans to account for changes of residency or citizenship

Our Process

While the end-to-end process can be quite complex, we try to make it as straightforward and simple as possible. Here’s a very brief sketch of what you might expect when you work with us:

Step 1. Consultation

You’ll schedule an appointment with one of our family law attorneys. During your meeting, you can ask questions and get an idea of what to expect if you have us take on your case.

Step 2. Engagement

Once you’ve hired us, we quickly get to work. Depending on the situation, this could involve gathering information, preparing documents, etc.

Step 3. Filing, Hearing & Judgement

As needed, we’ll submit any needed paperwork and represent you in any court appearances. When the judgment is handed down, we’ll make sure you understand the details.

Step 4. Follow On

If any additional action is required, we’ll help you with this, too. This could include making arrangements for assuming custody of your child, filing for an appeal, petitioning for a modification, and so on.

Choose an Attorney with Specific Knowledge and Experience in Complex Child Custody Matters

Here are just some of the many reasons why clients pick Gevurtz Menashe to handle their international and interstate child custody cases.


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Our Clients Say It Best

“As an attorney/mediator in private practice in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years, I have facilitated numerous family law mediations with attorneys from the Gevurtz Menashe firm and their clients. I can always count on the Gevurtz Menashe attorneys to be well-prepared, professional and strong advocates for their clients in the settlement process. To a one, the attorneys bring strong skills, common sense and the desire to do the best for their clients, not only in litigation but in negotiations that lead to appropriate settlements and avoid unnecessary litigation and the costs of trial.”

-Ingrid Slezak


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For three decades, Gevurtz Menashe family law team has been helping clients navigate matters related to custody and guardianship. We also provide the expert estate planning services child guardians may need. To learn more or start taking action, contact us at our Portland (503-227-1515) or Vancouver (360-823-0410) office to schedule a consultation.